on benches or small spots, under trees   sunwarm jars and big blankets or candles and strangers elbows, feasting.
    for public feeling,  and other kinds of celebration, mixing it up. 
  in support / in excitement / in love.  to hold shapes
     a big body a new sea, faces    feeling right at home or a good kind of                      confused tongue or soothed





                             Public Food

a collection of food made for publics       

        Dead Flower Dinner ︎︎︎
        Femme Salad 4 Femme Salad, Berlin ︎︎︎

        Femme Salad 4 Femme Salad, Berkeley ︎︎︎

        Odd Park ︎︎︎

        There Will Always Be Soup

        Bitch Kitchen ︎︎︎

        Rituals for Removing Creative Blocks ︎︎︎

        Soft Work Kitchen ︎︎︎