Public Food

        a list of kitchens made for public consumption 

        Dead Flower Dinner ︎︎︎
        Femme Salad 4 Femme Salad, Berlin ︎︎︎

        Femme Salad 4 Femme Salad, Berkeley ︎︎︎

        Odd Park ︎︎︎

        There Will Always Be Soup

        Bitch Kitchen ︎︎︎

        Rituals for Removing Creative Blocks ︎︎︎

        Soft Work Kitchen ︎︎︎

on benches or small spots, under trees   sunwarm jars and big blankets or candles and strangers elbows, feasting.
    for public feeling,  and other kinds of celebration, mixing it up. 
  in support / in excitement / in love.  to hold shapes
     a big body a new sea, faces    feeling right at home or a good kind of                      confused tongue or soothed