Group Work

                                A list of food work and collaborations created to support
                                private and semi-private group gatherings.

              Intimate Retreat Kitchens


                      More Soon, Sea Eye Ranch, WA      2019

                      There Will Always Be Soup, This Will Take Time residency, CA    2018             

                      Queer Writers Retreat, Moishe House, CA       2017

                      Community The Verb, CA    2017

                      Jewish Plant Magic Retreat, Moishe House, CA     2016

                Large Group Kitchens

                    Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival, WA        2019

                    Camp Wonderful, main camp kitchen, NY        2018

                    Camp Grounded, staff kitchen, CA        2018


                Dance Kitchens more ︎︎︎

                    Fondue, France        2019
                    Tokamak, England        2018   

                    Community The Verb, CA    2018

                    Recess, CA/WA/OR/Italy/Spain/Austria       2016, 2017

                    Open Blues, Poland        2016



    food for bodies in retreat together or simply towards a work of working it out. working through     bellies and blood
        in the morning or mudcake seacake at night for the bones. river stones in your mouth     all at once or something gently on fire and close by.