kitchens  for dancers,      various


     for bodies in feeling with other bodies and pulsing. all hips and   spine and some
    crumbs and bass for sure.

  glowing mostly, gently.


    kitchens for 500 mouths, kitchens for 60,     kitchen for 7.
      kitchens for 3 nights     kitchens for a week.

        Dance Kitchens

       food that sustains and bonds and shakes and moves with     bodies. that holds.

    finding ways to be alive     and in time, listening     and tasting.

    kitchens in spain, in
    in italy, in             washington. kitchens in austria,     kitchens in     oregon,     in fields in     forrests in castles


               orgs / events

                                               Recess Productions ︎︎︎

                                               Open Blues Poland︎︎︎                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Fondue ︎︎︎

                                               Community the Verb ︎︎︎    




                                                                    more Group Work